Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Miserable Mugs"

It is cold and rainy today. The brief reprieve of sunshine at the weekend was just a tease. Winter is still well and truly here.

In the Sheeran family we have a tradition of "Miserable Mugs" They are various cups and mugs we have bought for each other on occasions like birthdays, Mothers Day etc. They are not meant to make you feel miserable but are to be used when you are miserable to cheer you up. The ones we have sent over to Ireland have had photos of the kids on or have been decorated by them at school.

I recently got my very own "Miserable Mug" from my sister Carrie. We actually managed (from opposite sides of the world) to buy each other the same mug from Marks and Spencer's. It is a beautiful white mug with red hearts on it. I am supposed to use it when I am grumpy and she supposed to too. I bought Byron his very own "Miserable Mug" with it's own cheery phrase!

Today was the perfect day to get them out and make a nice cheery cup of tea. As I sit here typing I am sipping from my lovely heart mug thinking of my Sister and trying to pretend that the rain is not running down the window pane and that the sky is turning blue...

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