Thursday, June 11, 2009

*BREAKING NEWS* Twin Baby delivery at the Baynham House...

I am sitting here in a state of shock. I am a Granny. Sort of...

Today I came home from work to some very unexpected news. Sian, Rhiannon, Gareth and Byron stood in the hallway with grins from ear to ear. Today two tiny babies were born in our house. Well actually our garden if you want to get technical about it.

Yes, Splodge the Guinea Pig that joined our family a couple of months ago gave birth to two little balls of fluff sometime today while the kids were in school. We didn't know that Splodge was pregnant. We thought we had two female Guinea Pigs. Maybe Splodge came to us already pregnant (trying to Google the Guinea Pigs gestational time to answer that one!) or that Jaffa is not a "she" as we thought but a "he" Or maybe Jaffa gave birth and the question of male V's female applies to Splodge...? I'm so confused.

We rang the local pet shop for advice. So far we have learned that we must stay away and leave the Guinea pigs in peace and quiet for a couple of days, just opening the cage to top up the food and water. We need to give the new Mum extra sources of vitamin C. We must not touch the babies for at least a week or our smell on them might make the mum abandon them.

I am itching to see them. Byron and the kids got a glimpse earlier before they knew to stay away. They said each baby is about the size of a hens egg and covered in white fur with brown and orange splodges. They have big pink ears and are sooooooo cute! I wish I could see them myself but they are hiding under the bedding. When I get close enough to take a photo I will post it here but for now you will just have to be patient and use your imagination!

In the meantime I will give you a sneak preview of Rhiannons class presentation she wrote for school tomorrow which is "News"...

(Click photo to see an enlarged version that is easier to read!)

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