Monday, June 08, 2009

Wangi Wangi Walk

Near to where we live is a place called Wangi Wangi. It is an Aboriginal word meaning water, night owl or dark green tree. In Aboriginal language if something is very something they double the word. In that case Wangi Wangi would mean place of much water, many night owls or many dark green trees.

There is a spot in Wangi that we drive pass on the way to the freeway on long journeys, it always looks magically calm and still but we are always rushing somewhere and don't have time to stop and explore. Today we were wondering what to do with the afternoon. It was a beautiful fresh day but there were huge black clouds on the horizon. We decided to drive to this spot for a walk that would last as long as the weather allowed.

It was so beautiful. We felt as though we were the only people exploring this woodland. There was a magical stillness walking through the trees with glimpses of the still lake between the tree trunks.

The silence was broken by a distressed woman walking fast calling for her dog. She had a limp dog lead in her hand. She stopped with flushed face and asked if we had seen a small dog on our walk. She had been searching for him for two hours. We asked his description and promised to look out for him. Seconds later we saw a small mud covered dog tearing through the undergrowth. We all called him, clapped, whistled and he came bounding towards us. The woman heard the noise, turned back from her searching and ran to us and her very excited dog. It was a great feeling to see them reunited. It was the topic of conversation between the kids for the rest of the day!

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