Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School holidays: Day two

Today was a calmer, more chilled out day. We stayed in our pj's until mid-morning. There were big piles of laundry to fold, a dishwasher to be emptied, floors to be cleaned. None of them got done!

Sian started squeezing oranges on the citrus juicer: 7 oranges later and juice dribbles and empty orange skins littering the counter out came the Breville Juice fountain. Down the chute went 5 apples and a huge lump of ginger. The juice was good and had a mega ginger after kick.

Did we tidy the almighty mess? No! We made cards, printed photos and made up a birthday parcel for Granny in Ireland and Great Auntie Mary. We made more mess instead of less.

Just before we got in the car to post our parcels there was a knock at the door. It was Heidi, a friend from work, she was walking her new puppy and had called in to say Hi. Mozart the puppy was adorable and spent the next half hour licking us all to death! We brought Heidi through the house with her eyes tight shut past the mess and into the back garden to see the Guinea Pigs.

Eventually we said goodbye to Heidi and Mozart and headed out to the Post Office. With the parcels safely posted we ducked into the supermarket. Before we returned home we saw the most amazing bunches of mini daffodils. They are the national flower of Wales and are a rare sight here in Australia so we couldn't resist bringing home a bunch for Byron.

We put them in the now empty juice jug and they are brightening up our kitchen counter.

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  1. That sounds like a perfect day to me! Except for the chocolate truffles. I think you forgot to eat a few.