Friday, July 10, 2009


When we started our blog back in 2005 we thought it would be a personal journal, a way for Grandparents to see photos of our family life especially as we were planning to emigrate from England to Australia. Now, if I am honest, I write more for the love of it, for the fun of looking back on what we were doing this time last year, for the kids to read in the future. A family photo album with words.

At the end of June I looked at the summary of blog traffic for the first half of 2009. I was pretty amazed to see that almost 500 visitors had been back and forth to our blog over 3000 times. There were many visits from the UK and Ireland as expected, but there was a long list of other countries that people had visited from which really surprised me.

Where are you from? Are you still living there or have you emigrated to another country? Can you see your country on this image?

Have you ever watched the Eurovision song contest? Play along with me today. Vote for your country! Leave a comment with your country's name in it and lets see who wins!

Maybe I know you, you might be my sister, a school friend, a work colleague or a complete stranger.

I'm going first....

Ireland have the first vote!

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  2. The good old Eurovision, its nothing like it was years ago. My mother hurt my brothers arm with the shove she gave him when Johnny Logan won it for the second time. We used to get sweets and stay up late to watch it, it was as exciting as the Late Late Toy Show.

    Ireland - born, reared and rearing!!

  3. The beautiful state of Virginia in the United States of America.

  4. From the United States, but living in Okinawa, Japan for the next 3 years and LOVING it!

  5. australia

  6. WALES!

  7. I'm way behind, but United States!

  8. San Francisco - I love your blog Gina - it always cheers me up. Thanks

  9. Amber said Australia is the best place

  10. Kayla said said Australia of course

  11. Australia!!!