Friday, July 17, 2009

The Guinea pigs saga continued...

5 weeks ago we had a real surprise when one of our female Guinea pigs gave birth to two balls of fluff. You can catch up on that story by clicking here. We had originally thought that we had two adult females but after this immaculate conception we were unsure.

The babies are now 5 weeks old and nearly as big as their Mum! On Wednesday a local guinea pig breeder named Sabina called in to see if either of the babies were male. She was looking to replace her male that had recently died. It turned out both the babies were girls. We asked her to check our adults too. Splodge was obviously a female because she was feeding the babies when they were little. We were unsure if Jaffa was the dad or not... Turns out that luckily Jaffa is a female which means that Splodge came to us already pregnant and this baby adventure was a once off!

Sabina was interested in having one of the female babies, Saffa, as company for her female who looked very similar with long curly fur. Sian felt Sabina was a very nice lady and would care for Saffa so she agreed to let Sabina take her away that day. Sabina has promised to keep the name Saffa and said Sian can call in to visit any time she wants.

Here is Sian's little contribution to the story... "Mum and Dad were very nice and let me keep Tigger the other baby as they are all females. I am glad I am allowed to visit Saffa to see how she is getting on in her new home. I can't wait till we have visitors again (like Auntie Carrie in December!) so we can show them how lovely our THREE guinea pigs are!"


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