Thursday, July 16, 2009



Only the Australians could think of such a thing!

Have you worked out what they are yet? They are Socks for Thongs. And by thongs let me clarify that here in Australia thongs mean footwear not underwear! Footwear that I knew as flip-flops when I lived in Ireland.

I'm still trying to work out the logic of this product. Is it just me or do you wear thongs when it is hot and sunny and socks when it is cold and chilly?

My nine year old Rhiannon is known for her love of socks so when she saw these her eyes lit up and she begged me to buy them for her. I said yes before I checked how much they cost but fortunately for my wallet they were a mega bargain.

Now I know that there is bound to be a mum of another Rhiannon out there who just cant imagine life without this essential footwear accessory and so I grabbed a few extra packs (the bargain hunter in me just couldn't resist!) If you know a little girl aged 3-5yrs or 5-8yrs that would love to have some Thocks for her Thongs then all you need to do is leave a comment saying which size you would like and a way to contact you!

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  1. I can see people in Los Angeles wearing these. It seems no matter what time of year we visit, people always have their "flip flops" (as I always call them too) on...when it's a bit chilly, they could use them.

    You have a delightful blog.

  2. Thanks for your visit and kind words......
    I love your blog


  3. Hi I just came over from Tongue in cheeks blog..I am with you on this one..what is the logic, none at all ..!! Like you say only in Australia, :-)

  4. Gina,

    Those are actually popular with the Okinawans here. Flip flops are very popular year round, but the thocks come out when it gets chillier. I've never heard them called this before, though. We always call them, 'those socks with the split toe you can wear with flip flops'. This is much more clever, I must say! As much as we love to do what the locals do over here, I think this is one experience we'll be passing on! ;-)

  5. Gina,
    As you know i live just around the corner from you... i was born in Sydney, raised in this country but i have never ever seen Thocks! They are hilarious!!! My little girl is 4yrs old, i wonder if she would wear them LOL.
    Hope to catch up with you soon.. Belinda :-)

  6. I cannot believe these are so new an invention even Australians havent got drawers full of them! I will gladly put your daughters name on a pair, I don't even need to put a stamp on to get them to you.

    Looking forward to meeting you for the first time next week. Promise me you are not Hairy Eric the truck driver from Taree???!!!