Thursday, July 09, 2009

Red Chair

We recently took delivery of two fabulous
red armchairs
(Thank you insurance for the money to replace our damaged furniture from February's flood)
This is where I curl up for a cup of tea as soon as I get in the door from a very physical day at the Blue Hospital
(Thank you Carrie for my cute heart mug, it is my fav!)
I turn on my Netbook and have a read through my favourite blogs and check my emails.
(Thank you all for your witty words and fabulous photos that give me some escapism from my normality!)
It is such a cozy place to spend some time chilling out.

All I need now is some chocolate...sigh!

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  1. I absolutly LOVE your red chairs.The house looks modern and cool, I love that style. I have a
    red sofa myself!!

  2. These are beautiful!

  3. That is just rockin' is the best feel good color ever!