Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rugby Ball - updated!

No this post is not about a funny egg shaped Rugby Ball, It is about a Black tie Ball to celebrate 80 years of the Lake Macquarie Rugby Club. It was on tonight and we were very excited to be going with some great friends.

I was working at the hospital until 3.30pm and raced home to try to get beautified. I was in dire need of a fairy Godmother to help me, not really to get myself ready, more to clean the house in preparation for the babysitter. Two hours after getting home we were driving to the ball. Not in a pumpkin carriage and horses but you can't have it all...

As always I had my trusty camera in my hand to take photos of the fun and finery. I soon realised that a camera without a memory card is a pretty useless chunk of plastic, ooops! Out came the mobile phone and so I have only got some grainy images but enough to have a bit of fun with!

The evening started out with a laugh as 4 young testosterone filled Irish Rugby Players were auctioned to be slaves for the night. We tried to bid on them but were way outbid each time. Being Irish I just had to run up and ask them where in Ireland they were from. The first guy lived only 10 minutes from where I grew up in Dublin (He is the fine strapping hunk nice young lad I was drooling over standing next to in the collage photo below!). It's a small world.

It was a great evening. Worth going to, not just from a fundraising point of view, it's always a good night when we are out with these friends. Sorry you missed it Jane. We raised a glass to you...

I just can't resist adding this photo from the collage in full glorious colour! The trophy had been filled with a mixture of beers and did not look appetising. Would you believe me if I said we did not sip any?! Any way it was all Maree's idea. She looks like an angel but is a very bad influence on me!

Funnily enough, MrB says the same about her charasmatic husband John. But then Byron is very easily led...!

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  1. Sounds like a great evening! I particularly like the picture of "sipping" out of the trophy1

  2. Thanks Caren!

    It was a fun night and the photo of sipping from the cup is probably my favourite! Would you believe me if I said I had not actually drank any?!

    I think I will have to update the blog with the full sized one added on to the end!

  3. Easily led and weak...