Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friendship is ...

I thought this was so sweet when it fell out of Gareth's school bag. It was a description of his friend Tom. A summary of friendship from the viewpoint of a 6 year old.

How it tugged at my heart strings. I got a lump in my throat. I looked at the drawing at the bottom. That's when Gar came in the room. I admired the picture of him (brown hair) and Tom (red hair) but when I asked him what they were doing I wasn't prepared for the answer.

It didn't quite give me the pink fuzzies around my heart like the first half of the work sheet did.

It was him and Tom after consuming a tin of Atomic beans (see black object on table) and the green lines underneath them was jet propelled Atomic Gas...

I guess when you are 6 that is what friendship is all about!

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  1. As I read his little page on his friend, I was thinking this is too sweet....and then I laughed so hard when read the drawing description. You gotta love kids don't you! That was too funny.....thanks for the great laugh this morning!!