Thursday, July 23, 2009

School holidays: Day eleven

Today was an out-of-the-house day. It started with a play at our local park where I had arranged to meet another mum and her two kids. Nothing too spectacular about that except that it was a virtual Internet stranger I had never met before...

Having left a comment on a popular American blog another reader of that blog followed the link back here and then left a comment saying she recognised where we lived. It turns out she lives just minutes down the road! It was great to meet her face to face after a few weeks of Internet communication. There were a few jokes about whether she really would be the nice mum of two she claimed to be or if she would be hairy Eric the truck driver from Taree! I am relieved to tell you that she was normal in the nicest possible way! It is certainly the first time I have made a new friend this way, a sign of our modern times!

The afternoon was spent with a different group of friends at a beach that was a first for us. It was close to Caves beach which is a favourite of ours. Just one bay further down the road we pulled up and parked in convoy with four other families. We unpacked our picnic bags from the boot and walked down the path to Stinky Point Beach!

It was much nicer than its name suggested. We layed out the picnic blankets and tucked into sandwiches, fruit and cups of coffee from the thermos. The kids climbed the rocks, hid in the caves and played a big game of rugby while we nattered and put the world to rights.
It was a real bonus to have such a mild winters day after a run of chilly rainy ones. These holidays are really flying by. Not many more days to go before we return to the routine of early mornings, school uniforms and packed lunches...

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Wish we lived by such a large body of water.

    We're in the middle of a scorcher July. We're hovering at 100 degrees F. I don't know celsius.

    I love that you have a boot and I have a trunk. You have a holiday and I have a vacation. Just for today, I'm going to have a boot and a holiday. I'm going to find out how to play rugby and dig up the Cricket game I bought for my brother in England two decades ago and we're going to play.

    Where did Americans go wrong?

  2. Love the beach photos of the children playing. It is odd to read about it being chilly and winter when we are at 88 degrees today and in the summer season.

  3. Thanks for the compliments Gina and that i wasnt too hairy nor my name was Eric! It was such a lovely day at the park too and we must get together again soon for a catch up! Rory LOVED your cupcakes and Jakayla is fascinated with her Thocks xx