Thursday, July 16, 2009

School holidays: Day four - Puppies and Pancakes!

This morning started about 6.30am when Byron snuck down the stairs to make an early morning cuppa and was ambushed by Rhiannon and her friend Amber who had stayed over last night. Gareth joined them about 5 seconds later! So much for a quiet cup of tea!

Breakfast for the grown ups was healthy porridge but for the kids was pancakes smothered in honey, brown sugar, lemon juice or nutella (and various combinations of the above)

Later in the morning Sian was collected to go spend the day with a friend leaving only three sugar crazed
kids running around the kitchen!

Minutes after Sian leaving there was a knock on the front door. I assumed Sian had left something behind but it was Heidi and her puppy again. In came Heidi for a cuppa and Rhiannon and Amber brought puppy Mozart for a walk around the garden.
They had so much fun racing here there and everywhere, I'm not sure who was walking who!

I got a message from Heidi about an hour after she left to say Mozart is sleeping fast after his morning adventures. I wish my lot were too! Hopefully they will be tired out and will have an early night because tomorrow morning we are heading off on an adventure.

We are getting an early train to Sydney where I am going to meet up with an old school friend that I have not seen in 18 years (Wow!) We recently renewed contact and she is living in sunny Australia too. A long way from Dublin, Ireland. She has travelled to Sydney with her hubby and kids for the kids school holidays so we are going to meet up in Darling Harbour for a coffee and a catch up.

Do you think we will recognise each other...?!

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  1. glad she doesn't get up that early at home. I have to wake her for school and in the holidays she has been getting up between 8.00 and 9.00 and still going to bed that night around 8.30 that night her sister is the same got to love sleep in's. Karen