Saturday, July 18, 2009

School holidays: Day six

I normally work as a registered nurse 3 days a week. Byron brings the kids to school, I finish work 15mins before the school bell rings and just get to the school in time to collect them. This works really well in term time and I have been really lucky to work out an agreement with my boss in work for the kids school-holidays. I stay home all mid week to be with the kids and then I work the weekends instead.

Normally our weekends are really special to us as a family. We like to spend family time even if it is just hanging around the house or going for a walk. But I guess this arrangement is good for school-holidays as it means the kids don't get put into any kind of vacation care and yet there is still some money coming into the family bank account.

I miss them all when I am working weekend shifts and it is always nice to hear when I get home that they have had fun (not too much fun though!) Today while I was working Byron brought Gareth for a haircut at the local barbers. Here is a photo that Byron sent me from his phone.

Doesn't he look smart!

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