Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today is July 14th.
Bastille Day in France.

A day of celebrations and street parties. A day our family remembers fondly from the holidays of our youth. For on one such holiday we joined in with the locals in a small village square down the road from our campsite. We had a meal in a small restaraunt and chatted to some locals. My parents were invited to join in the festivities while us kids ran around in the dark watching the fireworks.

It was a hot, hot night and my dad was offered a glass of orange juice from a Slushy machine which he drank back quickly, and another and another. What my Dad didn't realise is that it wasn't just orange juice. By the time he felt his head getting swimmy he had had a few glasses and was really enjoying the celebrations!

He had a sore head the next day and wasn't amused at our running around waving baguettes and singing Happy Bastille Day out loud. Luckily a few couple of decades on the hangover has passed and he can see the funny side as we continue to ring him every July 14th to wish him a very loud HAPPY BASTILLE DAY DAD!!!

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  1. That is a VERY funny story...and sounds like the kind of tradition I'd love to do to my dad!

  2. I hope my Dad still thinks so. It's a very long time to have been reminded about a night you'd rather forget!