Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Day 15

Tomorrow is Sians last day in Primary school (big lump in my throat as I type...)

They were allowed to sign each others sports shirts to keep as a momento.

I'm not sure I feel old enough to have a High School kid.

Ooops! Yes, there is another grey hair...
..and another...and another!

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  1. Gina...tell me how the year and the grades work in Australia. Even though we live in Japan, we go by the American school year (since our kids go to American schools on the military base here) which is different from Japanese schools. We have Kindergarten through 5th Grade in elementary school...then 6th through 8th grade in middle school...then 9th through 12th grade in high school. Our school year runs from early September through mid June (with two weeks off for Christmas/New Year and a week off at Easter) and other holidays sprinkled here and there.

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Your school year sounds very similar to the Irish/Uk system.

    Here in Australia the kids start school at the end of January usually aged 5 and go into Kindy. They then carry on through to Year 6 in Primary school making 7 years in total.

    At age 11/12 they move up to High school and into year 7, 8, 9 + 10. They sit some compulsory exams and then have the option to stay on for Year 11 + 12 and some more exams.

    My brother is moving to Japan in January with his family and they will send their little boy to the British School as they feel the UK curriculum will be more similar to the Australian one than the Japanese.

    Your blog gives good insight into an American perspective in Japan. I wish I could persuade my brother to start one up so I could follow their experiences!

  3. It is so interesting how different countries structure their schools. I glean a little bit here and there about Japanese schools, and their school calendar is much different than ours.

    I hope your brother and his family have a wonderful experience here. Any idea how long they are planning to stay here? Indefinitely? I can't believe we've been here a year already! I feel like in the new year we need to get more serious about immersing ourselves in the culture. These next 2 years will fly by, I'm sure.