Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fridge leftovers

It's the pre-Christmas rush around, cleaning and tidying the house ready for visitors. Today was another hot one and the kids were getting ready to go for a swim while I tackled cleaning out the fridge. The food was all on the table and the shelves were being washed in hot soapy water. Byron wandered through the kitchen looking for a caffeine hit. I told him to get the milk out of the fridge and he nearly jumped out of  his skin when he opened the door.....!

For all of you who may have pondered if the fridge light really does go out when the door is closed Rhiannon can now confirm for you that it does!

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  1. Thats funny!! oh to be going for a swim....

  2. Haha thats brilliant!!

  3. They make me chilly just looking at them!!

  4. How perfect is that?!? Thanks for answering the lifelong question about the fridge light :)