Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maree's Marinaded Peppers

I have a friend called Maree.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog so I am safe to talk about her here. Maree is possibly the most accomplished cook I know. She is forever whipping up little delicacies and bringing them along to picnics.

Savoury, sweet... and always accompanied by a glass of cold champagne.

Maybe it is the champagne that makes us all tiddly and thinking everything of hers we eat makes us want to die and go to heaven?

And did I mention she is beautiful too? Inside and out. I sure hope she isn't reading this because she would be quick to disagree. Add modest to the list of her qualities.

On a recent last minute spur of the moment picnic a few of us mums planned to meet in a local park with all the kids for tea. It was the final day of school, the Dads were all on a boys Christmas night out and we wanted an easy life.

Fish and chips from the local take-away easy.

A last minute phone call from Maree confirmed that it was to be a simple affair. Picnic rugs and bottles of water. No kids bikes to squish into the boots of the cars, no home-made gourmet delights, no fuss. Just money for fish and chips.

You can imagine my face when Maree started to unpack her picnic bag. Camembert cheese, thin biscuits, strawberries, a marinated pepper salad ...and a bottle of cold bubbly!

I could have killed her right there and then until I tasted the pepper concoction. The moment the slivers of roasted pepppers hit my mouth and I got the subtle flavours of garlic and oregano I knew I could never kill her. Not until she parted with the recipe.

This is it...

Bell Peppers: Gently scorched under a grill, sweated in a plastic bag, skin removed along with seeds, cut into long thin slices. Placed in a bowl with shaved garlic, crushed oregano leaves and thin slices of anchovies then drenched in olive oil.


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  1. Looks tasty!

  2. I need a friend like that!

  3. Ditto what Gina said!!!

  4. Your pictures are just awesome! Yum! I really love that black and white at the beginning.

    Thank you for your encouragement about the mural on my son's wall and our wedding photo! I've so enjoyed getting to know you through the blogosphere this year!

    Happy New Year, Gina and family!