Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Advent Day 8

I'm begining to wonder how hard a time Byron really has in the mornings after I leave for work. Today for example I rolled out of bed at 6am, hung wet laundry out on the line, ironed a school skirt that only found its way into the washing machine at 9pm last night, got packed lunches out of the fridge, lined up drink bottles, made cups of tea for them all, brought them upstairs so they could have them in bed while watching morning tv...

Byron says that it can be crazy busy getting three kids dressed, teeth brushed, fed and in the car by 8am. I used to feel sorry for him until he did himself a disservice by taking the Advent photo for me this morning....

Is it me or do they look 30% dressed, 60% cheeky and 100% chilled out ?!

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  1. I'm voting "chilled out". What I wouldn't give to be able to leave my house at 8am! I can't imagine three though....I only have one to get up and out by 6:50 am and that is a chore!!

  2. My lord Gina, how do you do it?
    My house used to be a whirlwind of frustration in the mornings. Somebody refused to wake up, another had finished the milk and someone else was threatening to kill their sibling!:)

  3. I'm pulling for the 60% cheeky part!