Friday, December 04, 2009

Advent Day 4

Byron is away today. He left just after 5am for a train to Sydney for a work conference. Today we took the Advent photo with him in mind...

There are three things in this photo that represent Mr B...

1: Gareth. Our miniture version of his Dad who wants to do everything his Dad does...and do it better!
2: Bluebirds pyjamas. Byron's Welsh football team that he has supported since childhood.
3: The shiny battered 1960's Cleveland Saxophone in the background that is Byron's pride and joy (after Gareth and the Bluebirds of course!)

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  1. Sax music does it for me every time!
    I want to know - had Gareth eaten the chocolate before you took the photo? :)

  2. He was sitting waiting patiently for his sisters so he could open his window! Also, to answer your question from yesterday, they are sharing a calendar. It makes it fun seeing them wait for something. An unusual situation in this day and age ....

  3. Love the photo tribute to Mr. B....beautiful sax ~ and beautiful boy!! :)