Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rocky Road.

I had never heard of Rocky Road before we moved to Australia. For anyone who hasn't heard of it before it is chunks of nuts, lollies, marshmallows and dessicated coconut held together by melted chocolate and set into lumpy bumpy slab that you break or cut up and stuff your face with. Any Aussie readers feel free to correct or elaborate if I am off track here! We have made it a few times now and realised that everyone has a different recipe, essentially whatever they personally like.

And so the Baynham Rocky Road was born. We have come up with a delectable combination of Cadbury's Turkish delight, Peantut M+M's, Roasted Almonds, Coconut, Marshmallows and smarties all bound together by Cadbury's milk chocolate (For the record, Australian Cadbury's chocolate is no where near as good as the Irish version, I'm allowed to say that, I'm Irish...!)

At the end of the school year we know it is nice to give gifts to the kids teachers to say "Thanks" for all the hard work and effort and patience that goes into looking after and nurturing our little terrors angels. Rather than give bars of soap or worlds best teacher ornaments we like to give something that can be eaten and shared out at home and so we made a big batch of Rocky Road at the weekend to give to the teachers and of course a plate for Mr Nash who drives the kids safely home day after day.

Nothing can truly thank these people for the care they show our kids over the year but this stuff's got to come close!

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  1. Rocky Road sound delightful! As a teacher, I would love to receive gifts like that one!! Stop with the mugs already!! I can only drink so much but boy can I eat!!

  2. Have you tried Rocky Road ice cream? Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and chopped walnuts mixed in. Yummy!

  3. Ha ha, whaddya mean Irish chocolate is better than Australian?? Whatever, we can agree that Rocky Road is most wonderful, and teachers would rather have that than another apple ornament or mug :)

  4. I have heard of Rocky Road ice cream,but never this tasty treat. :)

  5. Irish cadburys is the very best Gina!! I saw Nigella make some recently and then you suggested it too, so I will have to make it and let you know what we think!!