Saturday, December 19, 2009

Candy Canes and Cavities

Christmas! The time of decorations and trees of tinsel and carols of homemade cookies and candy canes....

The time of Dental check ups? Yes the last 6 months have evaporated and we got the postcard in the letterbox reminding us to squeeze a check in before the end of the year. But 8.30am on the first day of the kids school holidays... sigh :-(

Luckily we have found ourselves under the care of Anna. The sweetest dentist in the whole world. (Is sweet an inappropriate descriptive word for a dentist?) Anna is softly spoken, always smiling and tells my kids how lovely they are, how cute their T-shirts are, how adorable their accents are from the minute we walk into her room.

They argue about who gets to sit in the dentists chair first. They let her scrape and polish and fluoride coat their teeth without a murmur. They laugh at me when I pretend to refuse to have my check up at the end of theirs. Anna patiently plays along with all of our fool acting.

And so this morning we wake with shiny teeth ready to get stuck into making some dark chocolate truffles from a recipe Sian tore out of a newspaper this week. Byron is down at the shops buying the weekend papers, some croissants from the local bakers and Sian is clutching the torn out recipe in one hand and a $10 note in the other as she looks for the ingredients in the little grocery store.

In another 6 months we will be on our way back to Anna to repair the damage!

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  1. is nice to have a great dentist when mama is a good cook! Kim

  2. Did they change dentistry since I was a kid? I HATED the dentist. The taste of flouride, the grating of the implements against my teeth, the drill...

    My kids LOVE to go. Are they freaks?