Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advent Day 5

On Wednesday Rhiannon had an bump in school. A boy in her class accidentally collided with her. He had a sore head afterwards but Rhiannon ended up with an impressive shiner on her right eye. When I collected her from school she looked like she had done 5 rounds with Mike Tyson. After the shock of the bump she became very proud of her bruise and has enjoyed the fuss everyone has made of her!

...And so today it is her turn to open a window on the Advent Calendar. With her fading bruise and her "Dear Santa, define naughty" T-Shirt she looks nothing like the angel she found behind window number 5!

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  1. Love her shirt... define NAUGHTY!! Great one!

  2. Poor thing, bet it was very sore before it became a heroine badge! :)

  3. Best shirt ever! :)

  4. You gotta love how shiners fade to that lovely yellow/green color! Love the shirt.

  5. i LOVE that shirt!!