Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My sister Carrie is visiting at the moment from Dublin. In 48 hours my Mum and dad will also get on a plane in Dublin to join us. A house full of visitors. This morning the house is gone quiete again. Carrie is spending a couple of days with Joe and Rhonda in Sydney and we are back to being a family of 5.... or are we?
Look at the little visitor that came to say hello at breakfast time.

A cheeky baby gecko!

We are in the middle of Aussie summertime.
The pool is sparkling, the fridge is full, the beer and bubbly are cold.
Dinner is Moroccan spiced sausages, potato salad and Maree's Marinaded Peppers (see above blog post)
Anyone else want to join us?!

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  1. Love the baby gecko. It sounds warm and cheery there. Slightly jealous.

  2. It's 32F with a 25F wind chill....the cold goes right to your bones when you walk outside! You have sunshine and warmth. Do I want to join you...I can't say yes loud enough! :)