Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wangi Queen.

Last night we went on a fabulous Carol cruise around the lake we live next to.

There were about 70 or 80 people from our parish who all booked onto the Wangi Queen, a beautiful old 1920's show boat. We ate and drank and were merry while one of the ladies played Christmas Carols on a key board. We sang along from the song books that were handed out and were were surrounded by fun and laughter and dreadful enthusiastic singing!

It was such a lovely evening. Champagne and nibbles being shared amongst friends and strangers. Everyone bonding in the glow of Christmas cheer.

The weather was quite dramatic with big clouds and rumbles of thunder. At one point I stood out on the front of the boat supervising Gareth and his friends looking over the front of the boat at the water whizzing by. Gareth looked up at the sky and said "Look Mum, there's heaven"

I asked Gareth if he could see anyone looking down at him and when he said a few names it brought a lump to my throat. His friend Luke joined in and said he could see his Pop too. You just want to catch that little bit of innocence and bottle it up while they are so young and naive. When the sun set the sky went dark and we watched an amazing lightning storm zig zag over the sky.

And the finale as we neared the jetty...? A pod of dolphins swimming alongside the bow of the boat. Magic!

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  1. Some amazing photos Gina! What a wonderful old boat too! Sounds like a wonderful evening.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours Gina. I have really enjoyed your blog as well....it has been great fun getting to know you and your family. I agree....I'm looking forward to lots more blogging in the new year!! :)

  2. Look Mom, there's heaven. Wow. I love when kids say things that melt your heart, don't you. Glad you wrote it in your blog... you should have your blog printed into a book (minus comments) for memory keeping. That is one memory you will carry forever though!!

  3. Awesome photos! And such sweet innocence of children. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We were supposed to get a huge storm last night but it was only impressive from the distance... which is probably a good thing for you on the boat!
    I have lived here 7 yrs now and still havent been on the Wangi Queen. One of these days!