Monday, December 28, 2009


I got my Christmas present a little early this year. Due to RTA regulations Byron had to have the personalised plates he had chosen for me installed on the car the week before Christmas. The joke amongst his friends is that, being female, I would drive around unaware of the changed plates for a few weeks before noticing. Thanks boys. I am glad to say I spotted them as soon as I came home from work. I was heading out on my girls Christmas night out a couple of hours later with bubbly in hand, Secret Santa present under my arm and a grin on my face!
Now I should never lose my car in the supermarket car park again.....

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  1. Personalized cool!

    Love your sunny weather there. Oh to be able to wear a sundress right now!

  2. i will keep my eyes open for this number plate now. If you see someone waving to you from a bright yellow Lancer it's me!!!

    Pity the sunny weather hasnt been seen since xmas day. The rain is great though!!!

  3. Very cool gift!!

  4. Love it! Although, with that beautiful shade of blue, how could you lose it? Is that a common car down there? Here on Okinawa most cars are white or silver. I have a little green hatchback I named O'Malley and he's easy to pick out in a crowd.

  5. Very cool license plate....and you look lovely by the way! :) Love the dress!