Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009...

We have had such a lovely family Christmas so far.

We went to Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve and the kids were all involved in different parts of it. I stood at the back of the church with some other Mums and we handed out bells, lit candles, directed little ones and tried to prevent them from setting each other on fire! It was crazy and fun as any mass involving kids has to be. It always feels so Christmassy mingling with friends outside afterwards as the kids run around playing. Lots of hugs and Christmas wishes between families and friends.

Then it was home to set up everything for Santa. Cookies and milk are a must, carrots for the reindeer's and a mixture of oats and glitter to sprinkle over the grass. Byron always pours a generous glass of whiskey for Santa, he kindly pours from one of his best bottles! Rhiannon wanted to get Santa eating more fruit and veggies so she left out a shiny green apple. When the kids were in bed there was some last minute wrapping and then a chance to sit down with Byron, my sister Carrie and some glasses of port to toast Christmas and relax in front of the tv for a while before bedtime.

Rhiannon couldn't get into a deep sleep. I tiptoed in to check on her and she sat up in bed. I settled her and then Byron went in to check on her a little later only to have her wake up again. On Christmas morning she told us she had seen Santa and he was not wearing a hat. Luckily he had left her some presents because we all know he doesn't like kids staying awake on purpose...

Christmas day was a lazy fun day of relaxing and present opening and eating, eating and more eating! Did I mention that we ate?! I am so stuffed now and am dreading New Year and all those resolutions that I am bound to break within the first week. The weather forecast this week is Today: rain, Tomorrow: rain, Monday: rain, Tuesday: rain, Wednesday: rain, Thursday: rain, Friday: rain, Saturday: rain.... Poor Carrie. She is thinking she will be flying home to Ireland whiter than she arrived!

This afternoon we are going visiting friends and ending the day at the cinema where we plan on seeing Avatar. We have opted for the normal 2D and not the 3D version as I think it might be scary enough for the kids as it is.

I hope you are having some fun relaxing over the Christmas break.

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  1. My daughter had a heck of a time staying asleep on Christmas Eve too. She woke us at 1:30am telling us that Santa came!! It took her an hour and a half to fall back to sleep. She is an excitable little girl.....just like her Mommy.