Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Advent Day 2

Advent day two. I was heading out to work at 6.30am. Not before bringing cups of tea up to my bedroom for Byron and the kids who had jumped in to my vacant spot in the bed! Here is Rhiannon looking bright eyed and bushy tailed opening her window which had a sleigh shaped chocolate inside.

Doesn't she look cute and innocent. Not at all thug like.... You should see her now that she is home from school with a bruiser of a black eye. Not quite the Christmas angel! You may have to wait till Day 5 to see it in all its glory!

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  1. Ah, Christmas - enjoy it to the max Gina. That's what I miss most, getting up just after five on Xmas morning and banging about to waken the house up just bursting with anticipation at seeing their faces opening their prezzie's.

    What am I saying, I still do it only now they're adults, it's harder to get them roused! ;)

  2. Oh No ~ A black eye!! Hope Rhiannon is alright. She does look quite bright eyed and bushy tailed for so early in the morning.

  3. Chocolate in the morning will get anyone bright eyed and bushy tailed!!!

  4. Ahhhh those braids are I cannot imagine her looking anything but angelic! Kim

  5. She does like deceptively sweet.